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European Commission President Juncker warned ahead of a special EU summit on migration that individual country efforts would be ineffective and would damage European integration.

Germany’s automakers association VDA denied a Wall Street Journal report that they told US Ambassador Richard Grenell to propose to President Trump a removal of tariffs on autos by both the EU and the US.

Despite fears about protectionism, exports of German machinery rose 4.4% in the first four months of 2018, to €56.1 billion, the VDMA engineering association reported.

On Twitter, Tesla boss Elon Musk suggested that Germany might be the best location for a Gigafactory, where lithium-ion batteries are made for Tesla e-cars.

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Power company Amprion and gas firm Open Grid Europe said they would cooperate to use green power-to-gas technology, where electricity is converted to a gas fuel, on an industrial scale. Their first €1 -1.5 million facility could be ready within four years.

Porsche, VW’s sports car subsidiary, has bought a 10% stake in electric carmaker Rimac. The 9-year-old Croatian startup makes electrical engines, batteries and sports cars.

VW has paid the state of Lower Saxony the €1 billion fine local officials demanded after Dieselgate, due to violations of the carmaker’s supervisory obligation. Now the state is debating what to do with the windfall.

Volkswagen Truck & Bus, which makes MAN, Scania and Brazilian VW rigs, will rename itself as TRATON as part of a move to list on the stock market. The individual brands will remain.

A Hamburg court has sentenced a 28-year-old to a six month suspended sentence for endangering a police helicopter. The defendant shone a green laser pointer at the helicopeter while it flew overhead during 2017’s G20 summit.

A poll has found that around 60% of Germans would like to see the CSU – which only fields candidates in Bavaria and rules with Angela Merkel’s CDU – campaign nationwide. But over 50% also believe that problems around refugees require an EU-wide solution; the CSU does not. (Spiegel)

Around half of all batteries were recycled in Germany in 2017, reports the GRS Foundation, which is responsible for collecting used batteries nationwide.

An interview with France’s finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, showed how far apart Germany and France still are on a euro zone budget. The French want to start with €20 billion, he said, the Germans far less.

Most of all, refugees will compete for jobs with young, uneducated men, the OECD says. Countries like Germany should focus on assisting the latter and be prepared for a rise in unemployment.

The German ministries of agriculture and the environment have agreed on a €5 million program to protect insects. It involves supporting better environments for insects as well as less pesticide.

Of the Turkish ex-pats living in Germany who have the right to vote in this Sunday’s Turkish elections, around half – 49.7%, or about 717,000 – have done so, Turkish authorities said.

The European Commission announced tariffs on €2.8 billion worth of goods from the United States, in response to US tariffs. They take effect on June 22 but more could follow as these only cover half the value of Washington’s levies.

The Federal Audit Office says Germany’s new government hasn’t adequately explained the need for 200 new positions in various ministries. Of those, 100 are in the interior ministry.

Hundreds of carers for the elderly and other health care workers protested shortages and conditions in Dusseldorf at a meeting of state health ministers.

Members of the EU impacted by refugee flows – including Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Greece, Bulgaria and Spain – will hold a special, informal meeting on migration this Sunday in Brussels.

Donald Trump is a true expert on crime statistics according to Martin Schulz who tweeted a response to the US president’s Twitter outburst on German crime. The former SPD boss also mentioned Mr. Trump’s bribery of porn stars and his jailed campaign manager.

Berlin restaurant Tim Raue made it to spot 38 on the annual World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. The two-Michelin-starred eatery is the only German on the list.

Some of Germany’s biggest supermarket chains are recalling a small number of organic eggs from Eifrisch, which are potentially infected with salmonella. Six German central and northern states are affected.

Germany’s blue-chip DAX index made a mild recovery – up 0.4% – after losses earlier in the week because of fears about an escalating China-US trade war.

Potential buyers Taiyo Nippon Sanso and Carlyle are in talks with Linde to buy parts of the German industrial giant’s business, insiders say. The sales must be made before Linde can complete a cartel-friendly, €80 billion mega-merger with Praxair.

The German government has confirmed that Hans-Eckhard Sommer, an official from Bavaria’s interior ministry, will be the new boss of Germany’s scandal-plagued refugee agency BAMF.

The leasing business is less optimistic about the next six months, the German Association of Leasing Companies said. It is mainly due to growing fears about protectionism.

The EU’s controversial online copyright reform – which could bring about upload filters, and restrictions on data mining – has been passed by the European Parliament’s legal committee. Next, MEPs will vote on it.

CSU boss Horst Seehofer has excused himself from today’s event at a Berlin museum memorializing victims of flight and displacement. It would have been his first public meeting with Angela Merkel since the political crisis over migration broke out. (ZDF)

After Angela Merkel met with France’s Emmanuel Macron, Bavarian state premier, Markus Söder, fired another shot over migration policy, saying EU finances and German migration policy must be decided separately.

Almost half of Germans who need domestic help say they’ve experienced psychological violence of one kind or another from carers, a survey by the Center for Quality Care found. And 40% of the carers admit they’ve behaved in a “violent way” toward clients in the last six months.

Bavarian state premier Markus Söder is meeting senior Austrian politicians, including the country’s chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, in Linz today. The meeting is raising eyebrows given the current fracas over immigration caused by Mr. Söder’s party.

A survey by the European Chamber of Commerce in Beijing found that 62% of respondents believed that Chinese firms get treated better in Europe, than European firms in China. The majority do not believe the Chinese market is becoming more open.

German weapons exports were down by 10% in 2017 compare to the previous year, according to a government report. Sales totaled around €6.24 billion in 2017 and the main buyers were Algeria and Egypt. (DW)

The head of Italy’s respected Locarno film festival, Carlo Chatrian, has been hired as the new director of one of the world’s biggest film festivals, the Berlinale.

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Keep the money flowing

A German ‘Iran Bank’ could save the nuclear deal

Creating a private German Iran Bank would keep investment flowing into Iran, so that Tehran sticks to its side of the nuclear deal. The bank could even be named Deutsche.

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Berlin in last-ditch effort to thwart Chinese stake in 50Hertz

Chinese grid operator SGCC has signed a deal to buy 20 percent of German grid network 50Hertz — but the German government still wants to stop it.

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Norwegian could be a costly flirt for Lufthansa

The airline industry is abuzz with speculation that Lufthansa is considering a deal with Norwegian. But this is one takeover battle that might be better left to the competition.

Racing lower

German business demands Trump-style tax cuts

Companies urgently need to lighten their tax burden to defend the country’s competitive position, a leading business group argues. Germany risks alienating the very firms on which its finances so heavily rely.

Sense or censorship

Banning talk shows won’t stop the rise of the AfD

A state-funded cultural lobby group has proposed suspending talk shows on German TV, because their discussions about refugees supposedly boosted the far-right party AfD. It’s a preposterous idea.

See you in court

Bayer takes on legal risk in US trial of Monsanto’s glyphosate herbicide

German firm confident there is no evidence linking product to cancer, but experts caution that thousands of lawsuits could get costly.

Government crisis

Seehofer delay on refugees gives Merkel brief reprieve

The hardline interior minister gives the chancellor until European summit next week to get a common plan that meets his goal of keeping migrants out of Germany while Donald Trump attempts to capitalize on the political crisis in Berlin.

No Bullseye

Germany will miss its 2020 climate goals, now sights turn to 2030

Germany won’t meet its CO2 emission goal in 2020. Instead of wallowing, the country’s environment minister is focusing on industry giants and its next target: a 55 percent reduction by 2030.

Tech Boom

How to avoid a second dotcom crash

The TecDax, Germany’s main tech stock index, is booming dangerously. A redefinition of the index could help stabilize things, but will it come too late?

Rupert Stadler

Audi CEO arrested over Dieselgate scandal

Prosecutors are hunting their biggest scalp yet in the Dieselgate scandal, arresting Audi CEO Rupert Stadler. The carmaker already has a replacement, Handelsblatt has learned.

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