Driverless cars

Talkin’ ’bout a revolution

One of the greatest boons to mankind – autonomous driving – is also an epochal challenge to Made in Germany. That’s why we’re launching Handelsblatt Global - Mobility. It’s your front-row seat to a revolution.

News Bites

German parties remain divided on climate and immigration issues during coalition talks. Angela Merkel’s conservatives are expected to make more concessions on environmental policy to appease the Greens.

EU countries will vote Monday on where to move the headquarters of the European Banking Authority and European Medicines Agency after Brexit. Frankfurt is a hot contender.

CSU leader Horst Seehofer rejected a compromise agreement on refugee family reunification, one of the main sticking points in coalition talks. “We’re talking about a few hundred thousand eligible people,” he said in Berlin.

The president of German savings bank group Sparkassen, Georg Fahrenschon, has resigned amid a criminal investigation into tax evasion.

Deutsche Bank plans to create a separate unit to sell off €250 million ($294 million) in risky shipping loans. Commerzbank has reportedly already unloaded €300 million of these problem credits. (Reuters)

A “Jamaica” ruling coalition in Germany would ban sales of fossil-fuel cars over the next two decades and promote low-emissions vehicles, Handelsblatt has learned.

Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann called proposed provisions on non-performing loans in a euro-zone common deposit scheme “tantamount to insuring fiscal risks.”

Mercedes-Benz sales in China are up 27% so far this year, extending parent Daimler’s tenure as the country’s biggest premium carmaker. (DPA)

EU leaders have declared a set of 20 “social rights” to counter populist euroscepticism around the bloc. Rights include jobless benefits and fair working conditions.

Thousands of Siemens workers and trade unionists protested plans to slash 3,450 jobs and close three German production sites in its gas-turbine division.

Former Bertelsmann and Arcandor CEO Thomas Middlehoff has been released from prison. In 2014, he was sentenced to three years for embezzlement and tax evasion.

A court has ruled that a Berlin police officer, suspended a decade ago with full pay for neo-Nazi activities, can be formally ousted.

German software giant SAP expects a stagnant fourth quarter and improvements in 2018 after third-quarter losses in the competitive cloud business.

VW, Daimler and BMW have teamed with Austrian oil firm OMV to outfit 400 gas stations across Central Europe with high-power electric-car chargers by 2020.

Public support for a “Jamaica” coalition has slumped to just 50% amid tough negotiations, according to a poll by German broadcaster ZDF. Some 68% of Germans favor new elections.

VW’s supervisory board has approved a five-year budget of over €34 billion ($40 billion) on e-mobility, after slashing spending in the wake of Dieselgate. (Reuters)

Construction permits for dwellings in Germany fell by 19,500 or 7% in the first nine months of 2017, according to government figures. Development bank KfW cited a glut of residential projects.

ECB President Mario Draghi defended last month’s decision to prolong its controversial bond-buying program, speaking at the European Banking Congress in Frankfurt.

Germany has the best image worldwide, according to an annual study by market researcher GfK. The US was the only nation with a total score that dropped.

Germany plans to spend €10 million ($11.8 million) to help remove mines in the recaptured Syrian city of Raqqa, Handelsblatt has learned.

University of Leipzig students demonstrated on Thursday for the dismissal of a law professor who tweeted his support for a “white European brotherly nation.”

Driverless cars

Talkin’ ’bout a revolution

One of the greatest boons to mankind – autonomous driving – is also an epochal challenge to Made in Germany. That’s why we’re launching Handelsblatt Global - Mobility. It’s your front-row seat to a revolution.

Insurance Quandary

Ergo Mulls Runoffs at a ‘Challenging Time’

The boss of Germany’s third-largest life insurer explains how dispatching policies into “runoff” may help it survive the sector’s crisis.

Electric Semi-Trailer

Tesla’s Robot Truck to Battle Mercedes and VW

This week, US e-car giant Tesla unveiled its first electric semi-trailer truck. The distinctively styled rig is likely to strike fear into the hearts of big German truck makers such as VW and Daimler.

Deutsche Bahn

Hell of a Way to Run a Railroad

Deutsche Bahn is celebrating solid financial results and the opening of a prestigious new high-speed line. But the good news masks a deep malaise that threatens to derail the state monopoly.

Editors’ Pick


German Help for Raqqa

Germany is contributing €10 million to clear mines in the ruined Syrian city of Raqqa, a former Islamic State group stronghold. But the US wants Berlin to do much more.

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Climate Summit

Global Coal Pledge Puts Merkel on the Spot – Again

A new alliance to phase out coal power by 2030 leaves the host country on the sidelines, as Germany wrestles with its own emissions dilemma.

Low on Juice

Predicting the Electric Car Crash

Aspiring e-carmakers could hit a nasty roadblock: a limited supply of key battery metals. All contenders will be affected, from Tesla to VW to BYD.

Gas Turbines

Siemens’ Weak Spot Leads to Thousands of Layoffs

The collapse of the market for gas turbines has forced Siemens, an otherwise-profitable engineering conglomerate, to cut thousands of jobs. Unions vowed to resist until the last.

Ask a German

Handelsblatt Explains

Much about Germany is confusing or surprising to foreigners - and even to Germans. Our editors provide clarity.

Theodor Weimer

New CEO to Fix Deutsche Börse

HypoVereinsbank boss Theodor Weimer will succeed outgoing CEO Carsten Kengeter. His job will be to repair Deutsche Börse’s damaged relationship with lawmakers.

Financial Crisis

What Lurks Beneath the Euro

Europe’s economic picture is refreshingly rosy. But don’t think for a minute that the euro-zone’s problems are resolved, argues Carmen Reinhart.

Colorful Critic

Europe’s Brexit Botherer

The European Parliament’s Brexit coordinator, Guy Verhofstadt, is perhaps the EU’s most colorful critic of Brexit. But despite the forthright sound bites, he senses opportunity for the EU in Britain’s departure.

Problem Coal

Merkel Swipes At Trump On Climate

Angela Merkel praised US cities and states that work toward climate goals despite Donald Trump's pullout from the Paris agreement. But the German chancellor faced plenty of questions herself.

Political Interference

Chinese Meddling Alarms EU Firms

European companies are concerned about mounting Chinese political interference in their operations in the country. Party officials in joint venture firms are starting to demand a say in decision-making.

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