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After earlier attempts have failed, Volkswagen and its Skoda unit are looking at producing low-budget models in India and China by 2020 for the two Asian countries and other emerging markets.

Doubts are growing over Deutsche Börse CEO Carsten Kengeter’s reliability at Hesse’s state financial regulator and at national regulator BaFin, sources told Handelsblatt. The regulators must decide whether he can continue in his post amid an insider trading probe.

Deutsche Bank plans an IPO for Deutsche Asset Management in the first half of 2018.

Despite opposition from the conservative ÖVP and right-wing FPÖ, Austria’s constitutional court has questioned the country’s ban on gay marriage.

The first deutsche Mark was printed in October 1947 by the American Bank Note Company in New York City. The currency was introduced in Germany in 1948.

There are rumors that the Left party’s new parliamentary group will elect its leaders rather than automatically continuing with Dietmar Bartsch and Sahra Wagenknecht.

As the DAX blue-chip index surpasses the 13,000 point mark, experts are hoping for a year-end rally and say a rise to 14,000 would represent an increase of 7.5% which is not inconceivable.

Europe’s new-car registrations have dropped due to Brexit and scandals affecting the industry, according to auto expert Guido Reinking.

A conservative group of CDU members, the WerteUnion, called on Chancellor Angela Merkel to step down after the party’s disappointing performance in the Lower Saxony vote.

Primark, the Irish fashion discounter, will open five new stores in Germany, bringing its total to 27.

At the peak of the Orionid meteor shower due this Friday, stargazers might spot 20 to 30 shooting stars per hour from anywhere on Earth, provided it isn’t cloudy.

Daimler appointed Daniela Gerd tom Markotten, boss of its Fleetboard logistics unit, to head its mobility services group which includes Car2Go, Moovel and Mytaxi.

In the last three months, discounters Aldi and Lidl have seen a strong increase in sales in the UK due to inflation.

About You, a fashion startup owned by retailer Otto, will launch a second round of financing, and has tasked Goldman Sachs with finding investors. (WirtschaftsWoche)

Deutsche Bank confirmed it will hold onto its Spanish retail business as no buyer could be found willing to pay enough for it.

Demand for trains, wagons, rails and related infrastructure made in Germany fell by 9% in the first half of 2017 compared to the same period a year ago. Observers blame the decline of the global market.

Andreas Dombret, a member of the Bundesbank board, defended the expected compromise on the global rules about the amount of capital banks need, known as Basel IV.

An F-18 fighter jet has crashed in Madrid and its pilot was killed, according to an announcement by Spain’s defense ministry.

The Christian Democrats will officially nominate outgoing finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble to be president of the German parliament.

After losses in Sunday’s election in the state of Lower Saxony, Chancellor Angela Merkel said she will take a critical look at problems in her party, the Christian Democrats.

Yanis Varoufakis, the former Greek finance minister, wants to run in Germany as a Member of the European Parliament in 2019. He said he aims to prove that federalism is possible. (Euractiv)

ECB board member Sabine Lautenschläger expects new global capital regulations, known as Basel IV, to be agreed by the end of the year, which will strengthen banks’ ability to withstand financial shocks.

Sartorius, a maker of pharmaceuticals and lab products, cut its growth forecast for the year and expects sales to increase by only 9% instead of 12%.

Alongside Lufthansa, Britain’s Easyjet has also expressed interest in buying parts of Alitalia. In all, seven companies are bidding for the struggling Italian carrier.

An investigative journalist from Malta was killed by a car bomb on Monday. Daphne Caruana Galizia was critical of government corruption on the Mediterranean island, an EU member country.

Opel’s former chief of development, Rita Forst, will join the US-run monitoring team at VW to help prevent another Dieselgate from happening again.

Activist hedge fund RBR Capital Advisors, supported by a former Credit Suisse banker, is pushing to break up the Swiss bank, dissatisfied with the pace of change under CEO Tidjane Thiam. (Financial Times)

A London appeals court has ruled Swiss bank UBS liable for a €500 million bill faced by Leipzig over derivatives losses in the 2008 financial crisis. A city official and two brokers had already been convicted over the deal.

Franco-German aircraft maker Airbus will invest in Bombardier’s small-sized airplane C-Series, helping out its Canadian rival which is in dire financial straits.

Structural Change

Divisiveness at Daimler

The Stuttgart carmaker wants to separate its car and truck divisions into distinct legal entities – a step that could pave the way to an eventual break up.


Trump Spoils the Party

Donald Trump’s threat to ax the Iran nuclear deal is a blow to Germany's diplomatic hopes. It could also hit industries negotiating billions worth of deals to modernize Iran’s economy.

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Bulking Up For The Airline Wars

After snapping up Air Berlin's assets, the German flag carrier has bid for Alitalia's European flights and global network. The Italian government, wary of deep cuts, postponed a decision.

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Mobile Communications

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City Risks

Pay Up, UBS

Like many cities, Leipzig lost hundreds of millions in bad bets during the financial crisis. A London appeals court has held Switzerland's UBS responsible – despite at least one local executive sharing the blame.

Porsche vs Piëch

Lifestyles of the Rich and Feuding

A new documentary about Germany’s two biggest car-making dynasties, which run Porsche and VW, has set off another round of Dieselgate gossip and family feuding.

Corruption Allegations

Airbus Boss Strikes Back

Tom Enders, in an interview with Handelsblatt, bristled at accusations of slush funds and boasted about world-class compliance.

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German Malt

Budge Over, Scotch

If Scotch whisky surges in price after Brexit, don’t panic — there are alternatives. Bavaria may be famous for its beer but it’s also acquiring a reputation for whisky distilling.

Austria’s election

Turning Hard Right in the Alps

Austria is showing Europe a new experiment in dealing with populists: Talk like them and work with them. Whether that neutralizes the far right or strengthens it remains to be seen.

Wealth generation

Down on Their Assets

New figures show that while many older Germans are raking in cash merely by owning property and shares, the asset-less younger generation is being condemned to a life without security.

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